Ophthalmic Instruments
  • Latest line of ophthalmic products
  • Designed and created by world recognised ophthalmic surgeons
  • Light weight material and design, light touch for Surgeons
  • New tips for maximum grasping power with ergonomic handles
  • Sharp edges at the end of the instruments
  • Radiused edges at the back from tip to minimise shredding
  • Extra long shafts for highly myopic eyes
  • Super stiff shaft material
  • Disposable and reusable instruments
  • Self sealing wounds for Gemcision Instruments
  • Drip droppers to provide controlled intravitreal injection of dyes, steroids, PFCL’s and other liquids
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where to find us
Global Surgical Distribution (GSD)
115 The Promenade, Camp Hill, Queensland, Australia, 4152