About Global Surgical Distribution
GSD is a valued company that provides high quality medical and surgical products to enable our customers to get the best clinical and economic results for their patients.
GSD’s targeted approach:
Provide innovative products and medical technology that add value clinically to Patients and Doctors.
Partner with Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Suppliers.
Provide high quality products and value added services by offering a cost effective,robust and scaleable distribution platform.
Educate and train staff so they have the necessary skills,expertise and knowledge to help Healthcare Practioners.

GSD's vision is to be a trusted partner of our customers and to provide new medical technologies and products that are unique, niche by nature, can create the opportunity for better clinical outcomes for patients and doctors and can increase economical returns for healthcare providers.

where to find us
Global Surgical Distribution (GSD)
115 The Promenade, Camp Hill, Queensland, Australia, 4152